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Safe to Come Home

Updated: Jan 11

Oil painting by me, New Dawn: The Killer Doesn't Live Here Anymore

This song, Safe to Come Home, is born out of a synthesis of all the healing I have done over a lifetime. The culmination of my experience recovering from CPTSD, OCD, associated addictions, and suicidal tendencies that almost had their final way with me. It is the song of my soul created with The Brothers Koren in their 6 month program called the Songwriter's Journey.

In my humble option, Isaac and Thorald Koren are pillars of divine masculine energy in human form that create such a safe space for people to sift through and alchemize all of their lived experiences with the utmost care and compassion, and put it in a song. They held me with such deep presence, openness, and devotion to their mission, and belief in me, that I couldn't help but dare to give birth to my truest voice. To not hide anymore and share my true heart in the light of day. Struggles and all. Feeling and witnessing all of the shadowed parts of myself that were still perpetually drowning at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be unchained from their watery grave and rise to the surface to be heard and seen without judgement. I was able to relax the remnants of shame and the vestiges of self-loathing and hold myself and the totality of my life in Love, letting the light of consciousness and compassion shine softly into the deep, dark places within that still felt unlovable. Re-membering them into wholeness. The Brothers Koren helped me give these muffled and suppressed parts of myself a clear voice where there was once strangulation and contempt. My soul felt fully seen, heard, and understood with them-and within myself most importantly-in a way it never has before. It allowed me to blossom and create the lyrics for this song.

For me, the writing of this song has been a process of deep healing and integration and speaks to the safety I now feel in my body, my home, and my soul. Rooted. Grounded. No longer do I want to harm myself in thought or deed. And no longer do I feel the need for someone to rescue me from the circumstances of my life. I have done that for myself-in tandem with many teachers, healers, and friends by my side.

May Safe to Come Home speak to you in whatever way it needs to and hold you in the deepest way possible with your own personal struggles. You are not alone.

The painting I chose for the song cover, New Dawn: The Killer Has No Place Here Anymore, was created by me circa 2013. It speaks for itself.

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