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Amy Lynn Couch

Attachment Style Coach

Transform Your Relationship Attachment Style

and Transform Your Life

Our relationship attachment style informs every aspect of our lives for better or for worse. My mission is to help others develop and maintain a healthy and secure sense of self with the goal of learning how to fully love and trust again in relationship to self, others, and Life.

I offer a compassionate heart and the fullness of my supportive presence to create a safe space for you to be fully seen, heard, and understood as we work through your unique challenges and core limiting beliefs around intimacy, vulnerability, and communication in relationship. 

Meet Amy

I have devoted my life to healing and transforming old, limiting beliefs and the self-sabotaging behaviors that go hand in hand with them. Let me help you discover what has been holding you back from living into your highest potential and begin envisioning new possibilities for your life. 

Learn Your Attachment Style and Transform
Your Relationship to Self, Others, and Life

What would your life be like without:

Old, limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the past? Replaying old relationship scenarios with new people and feeling like your a magnet for the same kinds of emotionally unavailable or dismissive people? Self-sabotaging behaviors that push others away from you rather than bring them closer? Negative and critical self-talk that denigrates and demeans you at your core?

It IS possible to heal and shift longstanding destructive patterns in how you relate to yourself, others, and life. Knowing your attachment style and learning how to shift from insecure to secure will make all the difference in the world in learning how to relate to yourself and others in a healthy, loving, sustainable way. It is key. Allow me the honor of working with you to help you achieve your relational goals and desires for this one, precious life we have. Let's learn to share it with others in mutual love, honor, and respect.

Work with me to discover what has been holding you back &

create solutions to move forward with conscious intention

in the direction of you dreams



Sessions on a sliding scale from $95-$125

I offer a 12 week personalized program that will help you identify your attachment style, core wounds (deepest limiting beliefs such as I am unsafe, I am not enough, I will be betrayed) and relationship triggers and learn how to reprogram them. You will also learn how to:

  • Question the stories you tell yourself about events in your life

  • Emotionally regulate/self-soothe

  • Determine what your unique personal needs are and develop habits and strategies to meet them

  • Communicate your needs to your partner, friends, family, and co-workers

  • Reprogram fears of vulnerability

  • Develop a healthy ability to set and maintain appropriate boundaries

  • Replace self-sabotaging behaviors with better alternatives

  • Navigate conflict from a regulated place so both parties can be seen, heard, and understood with mutual respect

  • Identify your relationship shadow

  • ...and much more!​ 


The price for the 12 week program is $1400 with the option of extending it to 16 weeks for $1800. You can decide during the program if you would like to extend it based upon the profound results you are getting as you move from your lifelong insecure attachment style to...SECURE! For me, it has been a priceless journey to learn the patterns, pitfalls, and nuances of my attachment style that had kept me recycling the same old wounding and stories from childhood (I am unlovable, bad, unworthy and at least 15 more) and creating the same old sad results in my life. My goal for you is to give you all the tools you need during our time together so you DON'T need me anymore. As you learn to reprogram and recondition your mind and behavior through the proven techniques I will teach you during our sessions, you will begin to see how effective they are and be able to do these techniques on your own. Take the chance and step out of the past limiting stories and step up into your fully radiant magical self. 

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have love.

Now, not later. You've waited long enough.

Coaching Is 
Different From 

Coaches are present and future-focused. We help people identify goals they want to achieve as well as the obstacles that stand in their way to accomplishing their dreams and desires. A lot of the time these obstacles come in the form of limiting beliefs we formed in childhood about ourselves, others, and the world around us and historically unmet needs.


The coaching I do will help you to identify these old beliefs, their emotional outputs, and historically unmet needs that have been programmed into your subconscious mind since childhood, then shift and update your present perspective of yourself to a positive, compassionate, and empowered viewpoint and build healthy strategies to meet needs and achieve your goals in relationship and beyond. 

Coaches DO NOT diagnose or prescribe nor do we work with any diagnosed disorders or active trauma. We do not delve into the past to work through traumas. That is the work of trained counselors and therapists. 


If we choose to work together and you have any trauma history related to sexual abuse or any other active traumas I encourage you to work with a licensed therapist either first or in tandem with me. 

What Clients Say

"As a life coach, Amy creates a safe space for self-discovery. She brings gentle curiosity and a non-judgmental approach, and responds to challenges with kindness and patience. Working with Amy has brought me insights into old thought patterns that no longer serve me and helped me adopt more satisfying ways of being in the world."


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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